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alrightnik a successful person nouveau riche
alter kocker old fart washed up over the hill
bagel ring-shaped bread made by boiling then baking the dough
baleboste a good housewife
beytsim testicles
bissel a little bit
blintz a sweet cheese-filled crepe
boychick boy, young man
bris male circumcision ceremony
bubba miseh a long story an old wives tale
bubbe grandma
bubelah sweet heart dear sweetie
bubkes absolutely nothing
buszhie concotion mixture
chazzer messy eater gutton
chutzpah balls nerve guts gall audacity
dreck crap shit
eytze advice
fagele a homosexual man a little bird a young girl
farpotshket broken, because someone tried to fix it
farshnickert drunk
farshtunken stinky smelly
feh! ugh!
fleishig food containing meat
fleysh meat flesh
furshlugginer crazy wacky beat-up batter junk
ganef thief
gantse macher Man about town, big shot
gatkes long underwear longjohns
gay kocken offen yom "Go poop in the ocean"
gelt money chocolate coins eaten on Hanukkah
geschrei cry, yell, scream
glitch a minor malfunction
golem an android a man-made humanoid Frankenstein
gornisht nothing
gornisht helfn beyond help
goy gentile someone not of the Jewish faith
goyim gentiles non-Jews
haimish homelike folksy warm and comfortable
hock to bother or nag to break to haggle
hocker a person who gossips, is annoyingly socially ambitious
jeshiva bucher a young man skinny or ill-looking
kaputt broken
kibitz giving unwanted advice
kileh hernia
kish'm tuchas kiss my butt
kishkas guts, intestines a type of sausage
klutz clumsy person
kneidlach matzo balls
kosher good, cool, legitimate
kvetsh to complain excessively
landsman someone from your same town a fellow Jew
latke potato pancake
lokshen kugel noodle pudding
lox cured salmon smoked salmon
luch in kop hole in the head
macher big shot an important person
mame loshn mother tongue
mamzer bastard illegitimate child
maven expert know-it-all
mazel tov congratulations
mechuleh bankrupt gone bust finished unsuccessfully
megillah a lengthy, detailed, tedious document
mensch a good person
mentschlekhkeyt the qualities of a person which make them a mensch
meshugener a crazy person
milchig made with milk
minyan quorum of ten acceptable men needed for public worship
mishegas crazy crazyness
mishpocheh family
naches joy pride
narrischkeit foolishness nonsense
nebbish a pitiful person a nobody
nebech useless inept harmless and pitiable man
noodge to annoy or both with constant requests, complaints, or urgings
nosh to eat lightly or snack
nu huh so what well
nudnik a pest, pain, or bore
oy gevalt exclamation of shock or fear
oy vey exclamation of negativity or woe
oysgeputst dressed up flamboyantly dress over-embelleshed
pareve containing neither milk nor meat
pisher a nobody or inexperience person
plotz to burst or explode emotionally in aggravation
potch slap spank smack
potrzebie no real meaning
putz idiot or jerk a penis
schav a chilled soup
schlep to drag to haul laboriously to carry burdensomely
schlock cheap of poor quality shoddy
schlong penis
schlub a stupid, unattractive, clumsy person
schmaltzy excessively sentimental corny
schmatta a rag low-quality junk
schmeer to spread a spread
schmo a stupid person
schmuck a fool a penis (vulgar)
schmutter rubbish
schnook a person who is gullible or easily cheated
schnorrer beggar freeloader
schnoz nose big nose
schvartze a black person African-American
schvitz to sweat
shabbos sabbath shabbat
shamus private detective
shegetz young non-Jewish male
shemozzle quarrel brawl raucous confusion
shickered drunk
shiddach matchmaking
shikse young, non-Jewish woman
shlemiel a clumsy, inept person
shlimazel a consistently unlucky person
shmendrik a jerk a stupid fool
shmooze to make small talk, to chat, or idly converse
shmutz a little dirty or dirt
shtick a gimmick or defining habit
shtup to push or poke to have sexual intercourse (vulgar)
spiel a sale pitch or an otherwise (un)persuasive speech
tchatchke toy knickknack
traif something not kosher
tsholnt traditional stew
tsuris problems troubles
tukhus butt bottom
tummler master of ceremonies
tush butt
verklempt chocked up with emotion
yarmulke skullcap
yente gossip busybody matchmaker
Yiddish the Yiddish language
yiddisher kop smart person
Yinglish speaking English with many Yiddish words
yontef a Jewish holiday
yutz a stupid, clueless person
zaftig plump chubby full-figured thick